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Separation or Divorce is a pivotal event in life and ‘how’ you do it is critical to your long-term emotional and financial outcome. A good divorce does not just happen. If things go poorly, it is usually due to the process chosen.

When divorce is on the table, I help individuals and couples navigate the process before, during and after.  The dimensions of separation and divorce -physical, financial and emotional - can feel overwhelming because you are making  critical life decisions for yourself and your family.  I am passionate about helping you thoughtfully explore your options and  make decisions that allow you to  create a story they will be proud to tell your children or friends someday. I help parents transition to a two-home family where your children can thrive. I help couples uncouple with dignity, compassion, and intention that allows each partner to step into post-separation life with ease and confidence rather than with emotional and financial damage that takes years to recover from.

The services I provide to help individuals and couples during this pivotal transition are:

  • Discernment Counseling

  • Divorce Mediation

  • Collaborative Divorce 

  • Co-Parent Coaching and Mediation 

  • Unbundled Legal Services

  • Legal Consultation 

Discernment Counseling If you and your partner are undecided about whether to work on the marriage or separate. Discernment Counseling is a time-limited,  structured process that helps you to gain clarity about the relationship and to make a joint decision about the future of the relationship.

Divorce Mediation is a  constructive process for couples to resolve some or all the issues in their divorce with the help of a mediator.

Collaborative Divorce  is a non-adversarial, respectful alternative to “fighting” through divorce with a focus on  restructuring family without involving the courts. Attorneys, a mental health professional, and a financial specialist work closely with a couple as they determine what’s best for each of them (and their children) – building toward a secure future. I can work with individuals as  a collaborative  Attorney or with the couple as a Divorce Coach.

Co-Parent Coaching and Mediation offers guidance through the transition from spouses/partners to co-parents.  Coaching parents to develop  a child-centered parenting plan and a respectful, constructive co-parenting relationship together as you transition. Co-Parent Mediation is a process for  constructive dispute resolution when co-parents run into issues with parenting that they cannot resolve on their own.

Unbundled Legal Services, Legal Consulting and Individual Representation “Unbundled Legal Services” provides legal  assistance in a limited manner.  My  consulting role is many-faceted from education about the process to reviewing documents. When in the midst of a family transition, it can feel confusing and overwhelming  to navigate the legal process so I provide guidance as you work through your divorce process. This is highly customized to the person or couple.


Getting started:

I offer a 15-minute phone consultation to talk about what would most serve your needs.

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**Please note that I am not currently providing ongoing individual or couples therapy in 2022. I am  not
currently accepting new therapy or relationship coaching clients.

Referrals are available. 


About Me


I know both personally and professionally how painful and overwhelming the decision to divorce can be.  I also know the amazing potential for growth and personal transformation that is possible when you work through those  challenges with support.

I am trained as a lawyer, therapist and coach and combine these skills to support you through your family transition. I bring years of experience working with families and have a deep understanding of the complexity of separation and divorce.  

I work with individuals and couples to decide whether or not to end the relationship. If separation or divorce is the chosen path, then I guide people  to navigate the process with respect. Separation or Divorce can be a respectful, thoughtful, and an equitable process when properly supported. 


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